How to cancel my timeshare

Is Cancelling a Timeshare a Challenging Process?

Terminating a timeshare agreement can be a complex and costly endeavor. Despite efforts to cancel, owners often find themselves facing steep fees in order to exit the contract. In reality, timeshares rarely deliver the anticipated benefits of affordable and enjoyable vacations. Many individuals come to regret their decision to purchase a timeshare. But why is cancelling a timeshare so difficult? This article will explore the various obstacles that make it challenging for unhappy owners to terminate their timeshare agreements, as well as potential solutions for those seeking relief.

What advantages come with owning a timeshare?


The advantages of owning a timeshare include privileged access to sought-after vacation destinations and luxurious accommodations, as well as access to a variety of resort amenities. Owners have the opportunity to reserve their vacation weeks in advance and may also benefit from discounts, rewards, and complimentary stays.

What are the disadvantages of owning a timeshare?

The disadvantages of owning a timeshare are numerous. Firstly, there is the substantial upfront cost of purchasing a timeshare. Additionally, there are long-term contractual commitments that may prove to be burdensome. Canceling a timeshare contract can also be a challenging task. In addition to these drawbacks, there are ongoing expenses such as fees, assessments, and taxes that can further add to the financial burden of owning a timeshare.

Canceling a timeshare contract can be a difficult process

Timeshare contracts are well-known for their challenging exit processes. Joining these vacation properties involves complex terms and conditions that might negatively impact your credit standing if not properly handled, and they often offer limited opportunities for cancellation. Because of these factors, numerous unhappy timeshare holders seek assistance in breaking free from their initial investment.

There seems to be no resolution in sight for timeshare agreements

Returning a timeshare can be a challenging and complex process. When you purchase a timeshare, it is typically a long-term commitment, with the obligation lasting indefinitely. Developers of timeshares frequently impose strict and unclear conditions that make it difficult for owners to find a way out of their financial responsibilities.

The period in which one can rescind a contract is typically brief

Once you buy a timeshare, your window of opportunity to seek a refund is limited. This period of time, known as the rescission period, is common practice in the timeshare industry. In most states, laws are in place to provide timeshare purchasers with at least a few days to cancel their contract. However, once this grace period has elapsed, attempting to cancel a timeshare becomes increasingly challenging.

What is the process for cancelling a timeshare agreement?

If you have had a change of heart regarding a recent purchase of a timeshare still within the rescission period, the process of canceling is straightforward. To initiate the cancellation, you will be required to draft a letter to the timeshare company expressing your intentions and ensure its delivery before the rescission deadline. It is recommended to review your agreement thoroughly, familiarize yourself with the applicable state laws, and adhere to all guidelines provided by the company.

Letter of Termination of Timeshare Agreement

Do you need assistance drafting a timeshare cancellation letter? Learn how to compose a cancellation request and refer to a sample timeshare cancellation letter below to kickstart the process.

In the state of Florida, individuals who have purchased a timeshare have up to the 10th day following their purchase to cancel their agreement and receive a complete refund. The countdown of ten days commences upon either signing the purchase agreement or receiving the public offering statement, whichever happens later. It is important to note that the right to cancel cannot be waived. According to Florida law, this cancellation can be accomplished by sending a written notice to the timeshare developer. (Fla. Stat. Ann. § 721.10(1)).

What are the consequences of terminating a timeshare contract?

Terminating a timeshare contract can prove to be a challenging process, often leading to financial consequences. Depending on the specific terms outlined in the agreement, the owner could incur cancellation fees and other related charges. Furthermore, it can be a daunting task for the owner to successfully exit the contract and legal action may be necessary as a last resort.

What is the most effective method to terminate a timeshare contract?

To effectively terminate a timeshare agreement, the recommended approach is to reach out to the timeshare company directly and provide a detailed explanation of the circumstances. It is essential to have a clear understanding of the contract terms, possible charges, and to be ready to engage in negotiations. In some cases, the timeshare company may be open to discussing a cancellation, however, if not, the owner may need to consider pursuing legal recourse.

Timeshare owners have limited choices when it comes to cancelling their ownership. Apart from canceling your timeshare purchase, there are few choices available to break free from the firm control of timeshare resorts. Timeshare contracts are often structured to trap you indefinitely. For timeshare owners seeking relief from maintenance fees, here are some potential solutions:

Renting your timeshare

One alternative for timeshare owners is to consider renting out their property to fellow vacationers. Sales representatives often promote this idea as a benefit of ownership. Nonetheless, it is uncommon for owners to effectively rent out their units.

Selling your timeshare

The market for reselling timeshares is brimming with dissatisfied owners and real estate agents eager to help them terminate their contracts. In this secondary market of vacation properties, prices can plummet to just a few dollars, so don’t anticipate making a sizable profit when trying to sell your timeshare.

Using a timeshare exit company

The rise in the volume of timeshare owners facing financial hardship has led to the emergence of the timeshare cancellation sector. Can timeshare exit companies really assist in such situations? Absolutely. These companies often serve as a lifeline for numerous individuals burdened by their timeshare commitments.

Using a timeshare attorney

If you still owe balances on your timeshare mortgage or annual maintenance fees, it is probable that you will need to collaborate with a timeshare cancellation firm or a timeshare lawyer. The duration of this process can vary based on the particular circumstances of your situation, ranging from a few months to several years. Keep in mind that there may be extra costs associated with hiring an attorney.

What are options are there to cancel a timeshare agreement?

Numerous timeshare cancellation firms function independently from legal representation. It is possible to encounter more affordable cancellation fees and a faster resolution without the involvement of an attorney. Your dedicated team will handle all necessary steps to release you from your timeshare commitment, ensuring a hassle-free exit process.

What are options are there to cancel a timeshare agreement?

Indeed, there are other options available besides canceling a timeshare contract. An alternative is transferring the ownership to another person. This can usually be accomplished without terminating the agreement; however, it is crucial to review the contractual terms to confirm that the transfer is permitted. Moreover, the owner might have the option to lease out the timeshare property, frequently utilizing a third-party platform for this purpose.

Are there any advocacy organizations that can help with timeshare cancellations?

Certainly, there are numerous organizations that specialize in assisting individuals with the cancellation of their timeshares. Some of these organizations even provide complimentary consultations to guide owners through the intricate cancellation procedure. These professionals may advocate on behalf of the owner during negotiations or offer legal counsel to support their case. Prior to enlisting the services of any organization, it is crucial to conduct thorough research to verify their credibility and reliability.


Many individuals find themselves trapped in timeshare ownership, facing difficulties and challenges. If you are one of those who are feeling stuck in an unwanted timeshare agreement, it is important to seek a safe and legal solution to get out of it. It is crucial to only consider credible and trustworthy timeshare cancellation options to ensure you receive the necessary assistance to exit the contract.

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