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How to Cancel your Timeshare?

In general, “timeshare cancellation” refers to a window of time after your initial purchase during which you are allowed to terminate or rescind your timeshare contract. On the other hand, a “timeshare exit” refers to our process of trying to help you resolve your unwanted timeshare once the cancellation (rescission) period of your contract has passed.  We provide advocacy for both.  If you qualify for our timeshare exit program, our team will use our best efforts to try to help you resolve your timeshare burden.

Considering terminating your timeshare may seem like a viable option, but it can be risky for timeshare owners as the company’s main priority is to maximize profits for its shareholders. By agreeing to release you from your timeshare contract, the timeshare developer becomes financially responsible for maintenance costs, taxes, and club dues until they are able to resell your timeshare points or weeks. Most timeshare developers who offer take-back or internal exit programs will still try to sell you more points or weeks, as their main goal is to generate revenue.

If you decide to contact your timeshare developer, it is important to follow these steps first to avoid getting stuck with additional fees and debt:


• Express in writing why you want to cancel your timeshare

• Do not agree to speak with anyone until your concerns are acknowledged

• Stick to the facts and be reasonable about what you expect

• Be prepared for attempts by the company to sell you more

• Avoid admitting fault or taking responsibility

• Stay composed and unemotional when communicating

• Do not accept the first offer presented by the company


Keep in mind that negotiating with your timeshare developer to cancel your timeshare is challenging, as their primary focus is on selling timeshares rather than taking them back, which could impact their profits.  Before pursuing this option, it is essential to understand that if negotiations with timeshare developer are unsuccessful, it may be difficult to find other entities willing to assist in canceling your timeshare.