About Us

Company Ethos

“We have one universal goal – to be the leading advocate, voice, strength and hope for those who feel hopeless in their pursuit of timeshare resolution.”

We are experienced advocates in the timeshare industry who assist consumers nationwide get out of an unbearable situation. We provide expert strategy and guidance nationwide drawing attention and empathy to consumers when their timeshare developer has failed them. Our process is proven for obtaining successful resolution from unique, complicated timeshare ownership challenges. Our work doesn’t stop until we achieve resolution for every client.

Experience Matters

We launched Timeshare Contract Resolution as a sister company to Timeshare Compliance because we observed changes in the timeshare industry that we wanted to correct. During the recession, the timeshare sales process became more predatory in nature, at least in our view. Rather than being a family-friendly, consumer-oriented experience, we saw an emphasis on boiler-room, predatory sales tactics. We saw more complaints about misrepresentations, deception, and lies by omission. 


Rather than being part of the problem, we wanted to become a part of the solution. We launched Timeshare Contract Resolution as a timeshare exit resolutions group, offering expertise to help timeshare owners that felt victimized. We have never been “timeshare haters,” as we built our careers in the timeshare industry. We vehemently oppose any type of sales tactics that are not predicated on truth and the value we provide.

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Our Process

In short, we focus on ways to successfully investigateadvocate, and resolve every timeshare contract on a case-by-case basis. We investigate to gain an understanding of your debts and liabilities and to see if you qualify using our process. Once qualified, our team members will advocate for you while negotiating an exit strategy with your developer on your current timeshare agreement. Our goal is to resolve your contractual timeshare liabilities in an efficient and timely manner.

Our Reputation

While we never provide any guarantees, we are privileged to have thousands of happy customers who have used our services to successfully release them from their financial timeshare burden. We attribute this success to our hallmarks of conducting business in a fair, honest and reliable manner. This has been instrumental in maintaining our impeccable reputation across both brands, and has been the catalyst behind our customer reviews and accreditation with The Better Business Bureau (BBB) – with an almost perfect 5-star score.


Cancel your Timeshare with TCR


Developer Misrepresentation
Unethical Sales Practices
High-Pressure Sales Tactics
No Reservation Dates Available

Developer misrepresentation is not uncommon.  We can help you terminate your timeshare contract if you legitimately feel as though you were taken advantage of by your timeshare developer.

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