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Hello and welcome.  If you landed here you might be looking for ways to exit or terminate your timeshare contract. Fortunately, you have come to the right place.  We provide a fee-based service that can help you navigate through your timeshare fiasco and terminate your timeshare.

Yes, Timeshare serves a purpose!

First off, we are not timeshare “haters”.  As a matter of fact, we love the idea of timeshare and we recognize that timeshare serves millions of happy timeshare owners. What we are opposed to, is not having an outlet for timeshare owners who have legitimate grievances against their developer and want to exit their contract.


The list of grievances can typically range from rising maintenance fees, feeling pressure into signing a contract, not being able to book the vacation days that you want, being oversold on promises, and being lied.  If a timeshare developer misrepresented on what they sold to you, or if you felt pressured into signing your timeshare contract, you may have reason to terminate your timeshare contract.

What we do and how we do it!

To put it simply, we help resolve your timeshare woes by helping you terminate your timeshare using our proven process with the help of our partner attorneys.  For the record, we do not SELL, BUY or LIST timeshares, and our services are not FREE (but they are extremely affordable).



    * By providing my contact information I am giving permission to contact me about this and future offers using the information provided. I am providing Light On Marketing, dba Timeshare Contract Resolution (TCR) and third parties, consent to contact me through emails, calls and text messages to my wireless telephone numbers. I understand that my permission described herein overrides my listing on any state or federal Do Not Call registry and any prior listing on the Do Not Call registry of the companies listed above.


    Track your case results in realtime

    Our customized TCR client portal is designed to help streamline our process and provide better communication and transparency. The client portal serves as an important repository tool that allows a client to upload documents, communicate with our client services team and observe their Case Status in realtime.

    How to terminate my Timeshare?

    Our exit process is simple, affordable and effective!


    We believe in transparency and building trust, and that is why setting the right expectations upfront is crucial for our combined success.  The process to exit your timeshare does not happen overnight and many factors can contribute to a lengthy wait: the specific developer, the timeliness of receiving information needed from you, and the type of contract you are in.


    We believe the timeshare exit services that we provide, can help you mitigate a lot of time, stress, frustration and financial bleeding.  We are very selective as to who can qualify for our exit program and with our tried and true process you can have peace of mind knowing an exit resolution is around the corner.


    We cannot emphasize more on the importance of communication.  It is paramount to the success of any timeshare exit strategy.  We strive to provide the best in class service by setting the right expectations upfront and ensuring an open line of communication with our client services team is always available to you.


    Communication – it’s what matters most!

    Once you have successfully on-boarded with us as a client, your timeshare exit journey will officially begin. From our friendly welcome team to our knowledgeable Client Services team, you will be in good hands. If at any time during your exit journey you need to get hold of us, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Timeshare News

    The latest scoop in the timeshare industry!

    Timeshare Owner Study

    A University of Central Florida study found that roughly 85 percent of timeshare owners regret signing on the dotted line citing factors such as finances, fear, intimidation, distrust and confusion. More folks are trying to find a way to terminate their timeshare and free themselves financially.


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    Whistleblower Case

    In 2016 a former timeshare sales representative, turned whistleblower, won a lawsuit against the developer for wrongful termination. She divulged that elderly customers were being defrauded by Wyndham salespeople, who were opening and maxing out credit cards without their knowledge.


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    Perpetuity Clause

    Most timeshare agreements have what is known as a “Perpetuity Clause” written into the contract. This clause states that you’re the owner of the timeshare for your life, and when you pass away, ownership would become part of your estate. Which implies your children will be liable.


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    Industry Watchdog Timeshare Compliance (sister company of TCR) Wins Key Ruling from Federal Court, Lawsuit Against Hilton’s Diamond Resorts Will Proceed

    Timeshare Compliance, the nation’s leading timeshare exit company and industry watchdog won a major victory for nearly 800 victimized timeshare owners as a U.S. District Court judge ruled a lawsuit against Hilton’s timeshare giant Diamond Resorts will go forward.


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    It starts with you!

    Your timeshare exit begins here!

    To get the ball rolling, we will need to understand the circumstances around your timeshare situation and to see if you qualify. There is absolutely zero pressure on the call! We’ll need to know who your developer is, how much you owe, and most importantly if there was any misrepresentation on the part of your developer. So let’s get started…

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