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How to Cancel a Timeshare Contract

This article explains the “INS AND OUTS” of cancelling an unwanted timeshare and what resources and options are available to timeshare owners.

Timeshare contracts are difficult to cancel, and even if you can cancel, you may not be able to do so without paying a high fee. Timeshares are not as profitable as people may have been led to believe, and they are certainly not a lucrative investment opportunity. Timeshares are often sold with the impression that vacations will be fun and affordable. However, the fact is that many vacation options may not even be offered or can be extremely limited. Therefore, buying a timeshare is considered by many as a mistake.

What are advantages of owning a Timeshare

Timeshare owners typically enjoy exclusive access to popular destinations and accommodations, and many enjoy access to the resort’s amenities. You can often book your vacation weeks in advance and may be able to take advantage of certain discounts, perks, and even free stays.

What are the disadvantages of owning a Timeshare


Some of the major disadvantages of timeshare ownership include high initial costs, long-term contractual obligations and difficulty in canceling the contract. In addition, rising maintenance fees, assessments and taxes can also be significant and ongoing.

1. Terminating a Timeshare is Difficult

Timeshare contracts are notoriously difficult to get out of. Registering at these resorts has terms and conditions that you need to be aware of, which can damage your credit score if mismanaged, and they also have limited cooling-off periods. For these two reasons, many timeshare owners need help finding a way out of their original purchase.

2. There’s no end in sight to your timeshare contract

You can’t simply return your timeshare. Timeshare purchases are often made for an indefinite period. This means that the owner is financially responsible for an indefinite period of time. Timeshare developers often impose strict and vague regulations that do not facilitate access to any exit options.

3. Cancellation periods are often very short

Once you purchase a timeshare, the time to cancel (rescind) and receive your full refund is minimal. The cancellation period, also known as the rescission period, is often also referred to as the cancellation period. Short cancellation periods are the norm in the timeshare industry. Most states have laws that give timeshare buyers at least a few days to cancel their contracts. However, after this period, it becomes very difficult to cancel your timeshare.

How do I cancel my Timeshare?

If you change your mind about the purchase within the cancellation (rescission) period, canceling your timeshare is very easy. You must write a letter to the timeshare company stating your intention to cancel and deliver it by the cancellation deadline. Read your contract, check your state laws, and follow all instructions contained therein.

Timeshare Cancellation Letter

If I decide to pursue my cancellation on my own, do I need help writing a timeshare cancellation letter?
Learn how to write a cancellation request. Also, feel free to contact us to get a sample of a timeshare termination letter.

How to cancel a Timeshare Contract in Florida?

Timeshare buyers in Florida have up to 10 calendar days after purchase to cancel their contract and receive a full refund. The 10-day countdown begins at the most recent point between the signing of the purchase agreement and the date of receipt of the public offering statement. This right of withdrawal cannot be waived. Under Florida law, this cancellation can be done by sending a letter to the developer selling the timeshare. (Florida. statistics an. §721.10(1)).

What are the implications of terminating a Timeshare Agreement?

Terminating a timeshare agreement can be difficult and can have financial implications. Depending on the contract details, the owner may be required to pay a cancellation fee or other fees. In addition, it may be difficult for the owner to get out of the contract and may require litigation.

What is the best way to cancel a Timeshare Contract?

The best way to terminate a timeshare contract is to contact the timeshare company directly and explain your situation. It is important to understand the terms of your contract and any fees that may be incurred. Be prepared to negotiate. In some cases, the timeshare company may be willing to negotiate a cancellation. However, if this is not the case, the owner may have to take legal action or seek help.

Limited Cancellation Options for Timeshare Owners

Other than canceling your timeshare purchase, you have limited options to circumvent the strict controls of timeshare resorts. Timeshare agreements are usually designed to lock you in for life.

If you’re a timeshare owner and you’re desperately looking for a way to avoid timeshare maintenance fees, your options are:

1. Rent Your Timeshare

You can try renting your timeshare to other travelers. Lending is always an option. Timeshare sellers may even brag about this option to owners. However, owners rarely successfully rent out their units.

2. Sell Your Timeshare

The timeshare resale market is saturated and many disgruntled owners are looking for ways to get out of these contracts. There are so many options for vacation properties on the secondary market that they are often just a few dollars cheaper. So don’t expect big profits when you put your timeshare up for sale.

3. Hire an Attorney

If you have outstanding mortgage payments or annual maintenance fees on your timeshare, you may need to work with a timeshare termination company or timeshare attorney. Depending on the specific details of your case, this process can take anywhere from several months to several years. Please note that selecting this option may incur additional legal fees.

4. Use a Timeshare Exit Company

The increasing number of distressed timeshare owners seeking help paved the way for the birth of the timeshare cancellation industry. But do cancellation companies work? Yes, I can. For many consumers, timeshare withdrawal companies are a lifesaver.

5. Cancel Timeshare on Your Own

Many timeshare cancellation companies operate without the assistance of a lawyer. Even if you don’t go through a lawyer, your cancellation fee may be lower and your response time may be shorter. The breakaway team will handle everything to get you out of your timeshare contract. This process ensures a stress-free exit experience.

Is there another way to cancel a Timeshare Contract?

Yes, there are alternatives to terminating a timeshare agreement. One option is to transfer ownership to another person. In many cases this is possible without terminating the contract, but it is important to check the terms of the contract to ensure that assignment is permitted. Additionally, owners can often rent timeshare properties through third-party providers.

Is it difficult to cancel a Timeshare Contract?

Timeshare ownership is a trap for many people. However, if you are already in an unpleasant situation with an unwanted timeshare, you need to find a safe and legal way to do so. To ensure you receive proper exit services, use only reliable timeshare cancellation options.

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