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How Developers Use Sneaky Tactics for Timeshare Upgrades 

Timeshare companies are notorious for their high-pressure tactics to attract new buyers and persuade existing owners to upgrade their timeshares. If you’re tired of being badgered by your developer for a timeshare upgrade, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll unveil the deceptive strategies used by timeshare companies to push you into upgrading and why you should be wary of falling into their traps. By being aware of these tricks, you can identify if you’ve been caught in a timeshare membership upgrade scam and plan your escape. 


Timeshare Developer Upgrade Scams and Tactics

When you initially bought your timeshare, you were likely lured in by the promise of luxurious vacations and convenience. Now, your developer is telling you that your original purchase is not sufficient and that you need a timeshare upgrade. However, this is usually just a ploy to pressure you into buying something you don’t actually need. While it’s true that over time, your timeshare may decrease in value and require updates, maintenance fees, and special assessments are designed to cover such costs. A genuine need for an upgrade is rare, but timeshare companies may convince you otherwise. They might claim that the new membership offers a better experience or lower maintenance fees when, in reality, the opposite is often true. 


3 Deceptive Upgrade Tactics to Watch Out For:


The Membership Upgrade That Doubles Your Timeshare Burden 

Merger deals between timeshare companies can lead to the creation of new membership tiers, making you believe you need to upgrade for a better vacation experience. For example, the merger between Hilton Grand Vacations (HGV) and Diamond Resorts resulted in the introduction of HGV Max, offering stays at both Diamond and Hilton Grand Vacation properties. While this might sound appealing, be cautious, as some developers use upgrades as an opportunity to sign you up for an additional timeshare, doubling your maintenance fees. 

Equity Discounts and Lower Maintenance Fees – A False Promise 

Timeshare companies may manipulate you by claiming that the equity you’ve accumulated will act as a discount on a higher-valued timeshare property. They might suggest that your investment will roll over and cover part of the new membership cost. However, this is often a scam. Such “equity discounts” are used to overcharge you for the upgrade, even if the perks and amenities aren’t proportional to the price increase. Additionally, developers may promise lower maintenance fees, but it’s often just a tactic to convince you to pay for a new, more expensive membership, leading to higher overall costs. 

Confusing Contract Jargon – Concealing the Truth 

Timeshare contracts are notorious for their cryptic language and deceptive clauses. When it comes to upgrades, developers might slip in clauses that take away your original membership or deeded week without clearly stating it. As a result, you might unknowingly end up with an additional timeshare and face double the membership and maintenance fees, burdening you with a financial load you didn’t sign up for. 


Protect Yourself from Timeshare Upgrade Scams

If you’ve fallen victim to a timeshare upgrade scam and find yourself burdened with unwanted additional timeshares, it’s essential to take action. Timeshare Compliance is a trusted full-service advocacy group that can help protect you from timeshare scammers. With an A+ rating and excellent reviews on the Better Business Bureau (BBB), our experienced timeshare exit specialists know how to tackle high-pressure tactics, timeshare resale scams, and unauthorized wire transfers.

 Don’t let deceptive timeshare developers trap you into unnecessary upgrades. Call us today at 855-947-5064 to see if we can help resolve your contract issues. 

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