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How to Write a Timeshare Cancellation Letter

If you find yourself burdened by your timeshare, you’re not alone. An overwhelming 85% of timeshare owners regret their decision to purchase one. Unfortunately, exiting a timeshare agreement can be incredibly challenging. Deceptive salespeople are skilled in convincing you to stay in your contract, or worse, coerce you into upgrading or renegotiating when you attempt to cancel.

While canceling a timeshare can feel like participating in a demanding endurance event, it is possible to break free. By freeing yourself from your timeshare, you can wave goodbye to the high fees and inflexible schedules that come with it. Once you’re no longer tied down, you’ll have the freedom to travel wherever and whenever you desire.

To begin the process of canceling your timeshare, it’s important to start by sending a letter to your timeshare company. Let’s review some helpful tips on what to include and what to avoid when crafting your timeshare cancellation letter.

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If you have reached a point of frustration with your timeshare and are ready to take action, it is essential to approach the situation thoughtfully. Instead of impulsively writing a lengthy letter, it is important to first pause, gather your thoughts, and compose your letter in a calm manner. Here is a guide on how to effectively draft a timeshare cancellation letter.

1. Put your cancellation request in writing

This step is crucial and cannot be overlooked. Consider purchasing a designated folder to store all documents and correspondence related to your timeshare cancellation. Your cancellation request should not be sent via email; it must be a formal typed letter that is printed and mailed to your timeshare provider. Be sure to retain a copy for your own records.

2. Clearly state your request to cancel the timeshare

Your letter must explicitly convey your intention to cancel the timeshare. While maintaining a respectful tone, it is important to assertively communicate your decision. Your letter’s subject line (yes, even printed letters can have subject lines) should clearly indicate your purpose, such as “Request to Cancel Timeshare” or “Timeshare Cancellation Request.”

It is crucial to clearly state your request at the beginning of your letter. The sooner you do this, the better. Keep in mind that the process may take some time, therefore, it is important to make things easier for yourself. Be direct and avoid beating around the bush. You can start by stating, “I am writing to formally request the immediate cancellation of my timeshare contract,” or “This letter serves as a request to terminate my timeshare contract with immediate effect.”

3. Include all the necessary details in your timeshare cancellation letter

The recipient’s job is to prevent you from canceling your timeshare, so it is essential to provide all the information they need to process your request. Omitting key details may give them an opportunity to delay or persuade you to change your mind. Don’t give them that chance! Make sure you cover all important information to ensure a smooth and timely cancellation process.

When writing a letter to cancel your timeshare, it is important to provide specific information. Make sure to include the following details:

– The exact name of the timeshare as it appears on your contract
– The name of the individual listed as the contract holder
– The unique contract number assigned to your timeshare
– The date on which the timeshare was purchased
– Your membership ID associated with the timeshare

To ensure clarity and ease of reference, use bullet points to separate each detail. Additionally, bold the information to make it stand out and avoid burying key details in the middle of a sentence or paragraph. The goal is to be as clear and concise as possible when communicating your timeshare cancellation.

4. Setting clear expectations is crucial when dealing with timeshare companies

These companies often profit from trapping individuals in unfavorable agreements that lose value rapidly. When attempting to exit a timeshare agreement, the company may try to prolong the process to keep you bound. In your written communication, clearly express your disinterest in any resale, beneficiary transfer, or other ownership options they may propose. It is important to not be swayed by any persuasion tactics they may use. Additionally, make it known that you anticipate a response within 30 days, sent via certified mail, confirming the receipt of your letter.

5. Ensure all communication is sent via certified mail

Do not allow timeshare companies to claim they did not receive your correspondence. Utilize certified mail to confirm receipt of your requests. Maintain this practice for any future communication necessary during the cancellation procedure.


How to avoid making mistakes in writing a Timeshare Cancellation Letter

When attempting to compose your timeshare cancellation letter, it is important to keep things concise and to the point. It can be tempting to vent your frustration or disappointment, but it is crucial to focus on the necessary details outlined in your contract. By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your letter stays focused and effective.

1. Avoid becoming too emotionally involved or rambling on

It is common for our communication abilities to suffer when we are upset or frustrated. However, it is essential to remain composed and concise when handling such situations. Remember, the purpose of this letter is not to create a masterpiece of literature. It should be kept brief, ideally limited to a couple of paragraphs. If you catch yourself listing every past grievance you have had with your timeshare company, take a break. Step away from the situation, come back when you have calmed down, and try again. The main point of the letter should be to request termination of your contract, along with providing the necessary details for them to review your account. If you want to express your dissatisfaction with the increasing fees or rigid dates, keep it short and to the point. Remember, your satisfaction is not their top priority, so there is no need to waste words trying to persuade them otherwise.

2. Use more assertive language

Which statement exudes more confidence? “I am writing to request immediate termination of my timeshare contract.” Or “I was wondering if it’s possible to review my contract and cancel my timeshare.” The answer is clear, isn’t it?

You don’t have to be harsh or forceful, but you must be straightforward and self-assured. Remember, these individuals are skilled negotiators. They can quickly detect any hint of doubt. Steer clear of terms like maybe, perhaps, hoping, wondering, if, and possible. Such words suggest that you are wavering and can be swayed to stay, which is not the message you want to convey.

3. Be persistent and don’t give up

While it may seem ideal to assume that drafting a timeshare cancellation letter guarantees your freedom from the agreement, the reality is a bit more complex. In most cases, sending the cancellation letter is merely the initial requirement in the lengthy journey of disentangling yourself from a timeshare company. Be prepared for a prolonged period of negotiations, with some individuals enduring the process for up to three years. Persistence is key, as the ultimate reward of regaining your freedom is worth the effort.

4. Get professional help if you struggling

Crafting a well-crafted timeshare termination letter is a step in the right direction, but it may not be enough to secure your freedom from the clutches of a deceitful timeshare company. To truly break free from their grasp, it’s wise to seek assistance from seasoned professionals like Timeshare Compliance who specialize in tackling tricky timeshare situations. Experts like Timeshare Compliance are well-versed in the tactics these companies employ and have the knowledge and skills to effectively combat them. Imagine the satisfaction of resolving your timeshare contract woes and knowing that you are no longer bound by restrictive timeshare agreements.

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