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What you should know!

Understanding the exit process!

How do I start the process of exiting my timeshare?

Simply contact us at +1-866-693-7190 and one of our friendly specialists will start the qualifying process. If you prefer, submit your contact information in the form provided and a specialist will contact you to discuss how TCR can resolve your timeshare contract successfully – potentially saving you thousands.

How long can it take to exit my timeshare?

Every case has specific characteristics. As a general rule, our team requires between six and 18 months to resolve a timeshare contract. We will provide you with full transparency so you will know where your case stands at every stage of the proceeding.

Why should I use TCR’s service?

TCR is a full-service advocacy group that specializes in exiting timeshares. Our leadership team has more than 50 years of combined experience of working in the timeshare industry. We know how to spot the fraudulent misrepresentations that lead to exiting timeshare contracts. We have a proven track record of persuading developers to resolve timeshare contracts for our clients. If they were victims of fraudulent misrepresentations, their contract will not stand in a court of law.

Will TCR completely remove my liability from the contract?

Yes. Our team at TCR has a proven track record of getting timeshare owners out of their timeshare contracts. We will remove all liability from your timeshare contract. You will no longer be responsible for maintenance fees, assessment fees, or payments on debts. Your heirs will no longer be responsible for any liability. You will no longer have any liability for your timeshare contract.

How will I work with TCR?

Once you begin working with a specialist, you will have a dedicated contact person. Our specialist will work with you to gather the information that our team needs to assess your liability. One of our analysts will then contact you to discuss the strategy. You may visit us in our office, work with us over the telephone, or work with us through a webinar. We will invest the time so that you fully understand how we will proceed. Once we enter into an agreement, our team will launch an aggressive strategy designed to exit your timeshare contract.

How much does TCR charge for their exit services?

Answering this question requires our team of specialists to gather more information about your specific case. We cannot answer that question without fully understanding the extent of misrepresentation and unethical sales practices you suffered. Once we conduct a free consultation and complete our due diligence on your case, we will be able to quote an affordable fee that will result in saving you thousands of dollars. 

Can the exit process effect my credit?

Yes, it certainly can if the proper steps are not put into place.  Fortunately for us, we offer a fee-based Developer Scrubbing service which ensures that your credit will never effected. Please enquire about the service with your representative. 

Is TCR a Law Firm?

We are NOT a law firm and nor do give any legal advice. We gather data from our clients on the entire misrepresentation and unethical sales practices. Then we work with our team of professionals to build a case against your developer. Our team of professionals has more than 50 years experience in the timeshare industry and we craft effective strategies to exit timeshare contracts for our clients.

Does TCR offer a guarantee?

No. Rather than offer a non-backed guarantee, TCR offers an escrow service that assures you that TCR does not get paid until you get out. It’s the industry’s only true guarantee that protects you, the consumer.



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    A University of Central Florida study found that roughly 85 percent of timeshare owners regret signing on the dotted line citing factors such as finances, fear, intimidation, distrust and confusion. More folks are trying to find a way to terminate their timeshare and free themselves financially.


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    Whistleblower Case

    In 2016 a former timeshare sales representative, turned whistleblower, won a lawsuit against the developer for wrongful termination. She divulged that elderly customers were being defrauded by Wyndham salespeople, who were opening and maxing out credit cards without their knowledge.


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    Perpetuity Clause

    Most timeshare agreements have what is known as a “Perpetuity Clause” written into the contract. This clause states that you’re the owner of the timeshare for your life, and when you pass away, ownership would become part of your estate. Which implies your children will be liable.


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    Let’s get you out!

    An affordable exit solution for you 

    To get the ball rolling, we will need to understand the circumstances around your timeshare situation and to see if you qualify. There is absolutely zero pressure on the call! We’ll need to know who your developer is, how much you owe, and most importantly if there was any misrepresentation on the part of your developer. So let’s get started…

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